Opening date: 18th Apr 2007
Author: Branka Prpa, PhD
Visualization: engineer architect Bojana Đurović
Graphic design: Dragana Lacmanović
Exhibition opened by: Branislava Andelković, director of Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade, Jasna Dimitrijević, director of Sava Centar, Ivana Milenković, main arhitect of New Belgrade.

On the wasteland, out of the swamp covered by sands, a new city emerged - a modern urban entity. Conceptually, it was based on the international idea of the mutual closeness of urbanism, architecture and constructivism.Modern designs, application of reinforced concrete, glass and steel, have represented a completely new esthetics of the cubic forms.
galleryLawns, tree-lined paths and parks have been consistently composing a natural-organic architecture in the concept of free and open constructing of New Belgrade, interwoven with vegetation. The harmony of architecture was accomplished by the existing harmony of a human being and a space that surrounds him.

We have challenged the sterotype and we assert:
New Belgrade is the city worty of people!


Because it was conceived and arose out of the ideological concept of the famous French Swiss-born architect Le Corbusier who showed that the new society would construct homes which would achieve the joy of urban housing:

plans„...Humans agreed with nature and nature accepted their homes.
...Nature existed long before a city was built; A city expelled the nature...
Once there were trees and lawns.
Buildings covered them up. Horizons are to be recaptured. Trees are to be replanted! "

New Belgrade is exactly what Le Corbusier meant:
New city, the Sun, environment, flora!