Opening: 1 November 2019, Ethnographic Museum Belgrade, 3 December 2019 Serbian National Theater Novi Sad
Authors of Exhibition and Catalogue: Mirjana Odavić, team leader; Zoran Maksimović, Miroslav Perišić, Jelena Kovačević, Snežana Lazić
Implementation: Association of Drama Artists of Serbia, Museum of Theater Arts of Serbia, Museum of Theater Arts of Vojvodina, Archives of Serbia and Historical Archives of Belgrade
Associates: Radmila Sandić, Branislava Atanacković
Design by: Jovan Tarbuk
Project logo and visual effects in the opening ceremony: Orange studio
Video presentation: Predrag Tončić
Opening performance in Belgrade: Performance of contemporary circus by Marija Krstić; first year students of the Faculty of Drama Arts, class of Prof Dragan Petović
Opening speech in Belgrade by: Vojislav Brajović, president of the Association of Drama Artists of Serbia and Branka Veselinović, the oldest member of the Association
Opening performance in Novi Sad: Performance of contemporary circus based on “Travelling circus Šopalović” by Ljubomir Simović
Opening speech in Novi Sad by: Mira Banjac and Vojislav Brajović, president of the Association of Drama Artists of Serbia
The exhibition was organized to celebrate 100 years since Society of Drama Artists of Serbia had been founded. It illustrated development of Serbian theatre from 13th century, when the word actor was mentioned for the first time, until present days.

Eleven thematic units were presented on sixty exhibition panels with documents, photographs and posters, including original objects related to the theatre; most peculiar were two Dobrica’s rings. Three monitors broadcasted preserved material on development of Serbian theatre and on activities of the Association.
The goal of the exhibition was to present to the audience the art of the theater as an important aspect of social life and to show how art and artist influenced modernization and democratization of the society, how it encouraged and followed historical and social currents and how it contributed to the protection of cultural identity of the nation and the State.

During November 2019, Art Cinema of the Ethnographic Museum Belgrade broadcasted recordings of famous theatre plays every day at 11:00 AM and 1:30 PM.
With the efforts of Orange Studio and Alma Quattro Company, the exhibition stepped out on the streets of Belgrade and Novi Sad via billboards and led-boards.
Video from opening: YouTube logo full color
Opening in Belgrade and Novi Sad: