Editor-in-chief: Branka Prpa, PhD
Authors: Jovan Ćirilov and Marija Janković
Graphic design: Dragana Lacmanović
Translation: Mirka Janković and Ivanka Pavlović
Promotion: Belgrade National Theatre, 12 April 2009

Milorad Mišković was born in Valjevo 1928. Educated in Belgrade where he started his professional ballet career as soloist of National Theatre Ballet ensemble. Very soon, went to Paris to improve himself with the help of famous pedagogues O. Preobrazenska and B. Knjazev. It was the beginning of his brilliant career through engagements at Champs Elysee Ballet, International Ballet in London, Russian Ballet of Colonel de Basil, Marquis de Cueva's ballet troop, Paris Ballet of Roland Petit and French Ballet of Janine Shara. He cooperated with the biggest artists of his time: Serge Lifar, Anton Dolin, Maurice Bejart, Jean Cocteau.. and he danced with ballerinas known that time: Alisia Markova, Ivett Shovire, Janine Shara, Collete Marshan, Ludmila Cherina, Carla Fraci...

Started his own ballet troop and performed with it for 10 years in France, had guest performances around the world promoting young dancers, new choreographers, librettists, composers and painters.

During his career he was art director of different ballet troops and choreograph on the Yugoslav and international scenes.
Owns the title International dancing star. Many years spent as advisor and art director in charge of cultural programmes for countries with UNESCO membership, and after that, as director of International Council for Dance within UNESCO.
Today, he became an honoured president of CID-UNESCO. As a dancer, he is a laureate of many international awards. In 1992 he won an October award of the City of Belgrade for his life achievement.

Art and spirit of dance (Milorad Mišković from interview with Jovan Ćirilov)
".. An artist dancing can forget even himself, can reach timelessness, absolute, something what is difficult to name, what someone calls He, Maker at last, let's call him God, or cosmic law. With his dance an artist feels as a part of cosmos, everything what exists; fire,water,wind and ground. He is a part of something what is everything, he is in arms of that general, object and subject, what he needs to be. It is the moment of ecstasy, flash of perfect absoluteness, because he is a part of everything and nothing."

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