Volodja Senta najavaHistorical Archives of Belgrade’s exhibition Volodja has come back was opened in Senta City Museum on 10th August 2017.
The exhibition was presented for the first time in December 2016 in the Gallery of Historical Archives of Belgrade, with the goal to celebrate 50 years of Tanja Kragujević’s poetic activities. From 2009 Tanja Kragujević as a legator of the Historical Archives of Belgrade hands over regularly to the Archives archival material of the Kragujević family: Lepa, Stevan and Tanja.
Tanja Kragujević (born in Senta in 1946), Serbian poetess and essayist, has published so far seventeen books of poetry and seven books of essays dedicated to the most significant Serbian and international poets. She was also involved in the publishing, since she was an editor in publishing company Narodna knjiga in Belgrade for fifteen years. She was the editor of the world poetry edition in publishing company Agora from Novi Sad. Tanja Kragujević was a member of the jury of European Literature Award, Meša Selimović Award and other very important poetry awards like: Vasko Popa, Branko Miljković, Dis Award.
Tanja Kragujević and her father Stevan Kragujević dedicated to their hometown a special edition “Senta that Once Existed”, published for the 300th anniversary of the Senta battle. This edition was illustrated with Stevan Kragujević’s photographs and
Tanja Kragujević’s verses from her book “Landscapes of the Invisible”.