PosetaNikodijevica072019Nikola Nikodijevic, chairman of the Assembly of the City of Belgrade, visited Historical Archives of Belgrade on Tuesday July 16th 2019, with the goal to get acquainted with the construction works being executed on the Archives’ building, with future plans for capacity expansion and with the digitization projects implemented in the Archives which allow users to use archival material on line.

Reconstruction works are being executed at the moment on two Archives’ repositories covering the area of 2.400 square meters, preserving 13 kilometers of archival material.

Reconstruction works include:
- Construction of stabile fire protection system
- Implementation of new air condition system
- Setting the LED lights
- Installment of new heating system in the repositories

Investor of the reconstructions is City of Belgrade, Secretariat for Investments. The work is being executed by ELKOMS company and the worth o ft he reconstruction is 144.000.000 dinars. The works stared in February 2019 and they will be finalized by the end of August this year, according to the plans. After these works have been implemented, all microclimatic, chemical, biological and physical conditions necessary for valuable archival material preservation will be satisfied and material will be fully protected from negative influences. Optimal temperature will always be kept in the repositories and latest led lights will be used.
Dr Mileta Radojevic, president of the Management Board of Historical Archives of Belgrade was also present during this visit.

Nikola Nikodijevic praised Archives of Belgrade for all implemented digitization projects and activities as well as for hard work invested in archival material protection. He also expressed his support for expanding the Archives’ building since all capacities of repositories are full. The reconstruction of the building would create new capacities for preserving newly accepted material as well as room for work with the citizens, users of archival material.