Tanja Kragujević, Serbian poet and legator of the Historical Archives of Belgrade, won the Drainac Award for poetry for 2020.
One of the most important poetry awards in Serbia was awarded to Tanja Kragujević for poetry book Extravaganza, Small Poems, published by Čigoja Press in 2019.
The award was presented to the poet during the traditional manifestation “Drainac Literary Encounters”, which took place for the 51st time on the Art Plateau on Hisar, on August 24th 2020.

“Drainac Literary Encounters” were organized for the first time in 1966 and besides a short interruption from 1970–1975, the manifestation lasts now for over five decades. It is dedicated to the life and work of Rade Drainac, a poet who together with Miloš Crnjanski and Rastko Petrović, marked our interwar poetry.