Depo Arhiv BeogradaSlađana Zarić’s documentary “The Man Who Said No to Hitler-a Story about Svetolik Dragačevac and the 27th of March” was filmed by the Radio Television of Serbia in the Historical Archives of Belgrade, to mark 80 years since the protests of the 27th March 1941.
A part of the documentary was recorded in the building of the Historical Archives of Belgrade where the letter of Svetolik M. Dragačevac is preserved. Dragačevac was a retired county chief from Paraćin who sent a letter to Hitler in Berlin: “…to You Hitler, a son of Cain, we, the children of great fathers and grandfathers, shout enough. If you don’t listen, you will encounter our strong muscles. We will spill your blood and with a leg of a dragon step on your throat so that you don’t get up ever. Remember, maybe God has chosen us to punish you for all your crimes.”
Prominent historians participated in the documentary, like University professors Ljubodrag Dimić, Milan Ristović, Aleksandar Životić and historians from the Institute for Contemporary History of Serbia: Predrag Marković, Bojan Dimitrijević, Milan Koljanin, Marko Miletić. Isidora Stojanović, from the Historical Archives of Belgrade presented the facts on the letter and told the story of Svetolik Dragačevac. The story of the events from 1941 was narrated by the actor Nenad Jezdić.
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