ADS savetovanje Smederevo 2021Upon the initiative of the Working group for the protection of the archival material kept outside the Archives, the Archival Society of Serbia and the Historical Archives of Smederevo organized a meeting of the representatives of all archives in Serbia. The consolations were held on the 17th December 2021 in the Regional Center for Professional Development in Smederevo and the meeting was hosted by the Historical Archives of Smederevo.
ADS Smederevo
The key topic of the meeting was implementation of the Law on Archives and Archival Material (Sl. glasnik no 6/2021) and of the regulatory provisions which are of great significance for the protection of archival documentation and for the work of the Archives’ services.
At the beginning of the meeting, the participants were greeted by Lela Pavlović, prsident of the ASS, Jasmina Živković, coordinator of the Working group, Tatjana Kikić from the State Archives of Serbia and Danijela Milošević, director of the Historical Archvies of Smederevo.
After the Working group presented its previous activities, the meeting was focused on the problems which occurred in the work of the departments involved in the protection of archival documentation in the registry offices. Concrete propositions for the amendments to the Law on Archives and Archival Material were defined. The participants of the meeting highlighted the need for the standardization of the work in all Archives in Serbia regarding the documentation preserved outside the Archives, which is the ultimate goal of this initiative.
The Historical Archives of Belgrade was represented by Jelena Nikolić, Assistant Director and Jasmina Latinović, senior archvist.