Two new editions of the Historical Archives of Belgrade are now available.

Beograd u usponu rotatorMilivoje M. Kostić, Beograd u usponu

After publications Uspon Beograda, which were published in 199 4 and in 2000, Mirjana Milenković and Zorica Smilović processed 59 new biographies of eminent Belgrade merchants and industrialists.
The publication includes original text of Milivoje Kostić, which was processed by modern methods of historiography, introductory study, name index, list of references and literature. The text is complemented by photographs, architectural designs, newspaper advertisements and other archival material.
IAB KOCEV arhiv cuvar starih zanata rotatorArhiv kao čuvar starih zanata, a book written by Bojan Kocev, tells about the importance of preservation of the old craft of bookbinding in the modern archival everyday activities.
The book presents and explains the process of creating a book using various materials and ornaments, the process of restoration of old books and the process of making archival boxes. Each of these processes are explained and illustrated.