Arhivi inspirisu ADS 2VII International Archival Conference The Archives Inspire, organized by the Archival Society of Serbia and the host archive, Historical Archives of Toplice was held in Kuršumlijska Banja from 11th until 13th October 2023. The opening ceremony included welcoming speeches of Lela Pavlović, director of the Inter-municipal Archives of Čačak and president of the Archival Society, Milan Jovanović, director of the Historical Archives Toplice, dr Miroslav Perišić, director of the State Archives of Serbia and Danijela Vanušić, from the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia.
The official program started with the presentation of the latest publication of the Society – Proceedings “Archival Material in Theory and Practice”, followed by the presentation of the Society’s bulletin “Arhivski Glasnik”.
The award for the best archive in a company was given for the fifth time, this year to the Serbian Business Registers Agency.
Arhivi inspirisu ADSAll presentations were divided in three thematic sessions. Session I Archives and Innovative Technologies included ten presenters from Serbia, Bosnia, Slovenia, Croatia and Russian Federation. Session II Current Issues of Archival Profession presented 14 lecturers from Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia. Session III Archival Material in Foreign Countries Significant for the History of Serbian People consisted of 10 presentations by archivists from Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia.
The Historical Archives of Belgrade was represented by two presentations: archival counselor Mirjana Milenković held presentation Tanasije Ž Ilić (1901–1987) and archival counselor Zorica Smilovć talked about Educational Potentials of the Historical Archives of Belgrade which could be used in the pedagogical practice in Serbia. All presented lectures will be published in the Society’s proceedings.