The standing is exhibited on March 28th 2014 in the Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade on the occasion of celebrating 150 years since Czech architects left a trail in up building and development of the City of Belgrade in realization of the Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade and Association of Historiographers and Historians of Art-DISTRIKT 6.

The exhibition presented the work of 13 Czech creators (engineers and architects) who lived and created in Belgrade, so 6 Serbian architects who attended the Academy of Prague before 1918. The exhibits and the records presented on the exhibition include those one from private archive collections, domestic and foreign institutions, so abundance of technical and architectural documentation from the Historical Archives of Belgrade.

The authors-members of DISTRKT 6: Đurđija Borovnjak and Ivan R. Marković, historians of art.

The exhibition “Czech-Serbian relations in architecture (1863-1941)” have a goal to affirm present architectural fond of Belgrade, its historical development and potential influence of the architecture of Czech creators in Belgrade through presented chronological frame.