Our vision is, Historical Archives of Belgrade to become truly modern, efficient and open institution for its work and development to be interested, as Assembly of the City of Belgrade and its citizens, scientific and public workers, cultural and educational public in the country and abroad, too. When we say it, we think that our institution should modernize its method of work providing efficient and easy access – electronic access to the public documents and archive information aids, electronic databases on content of archive fonds and collections being made, as the most sophisticated researching instrument, and its placing on the world network.
Our mission is to protect, on the most adequate way, the archival documentation kept in Archives, through: microfilming and digitization of sorted and processed fonds and collections; continuous supervision, of the physical and security condition of archive materials, providing appropriate treatment and conservation of documents. Special concern of the Archives is, to provide protection of archive materials while created – at those who make and posses archive materials, regular detour and supervision of registry offices in purpose of registering, cataloguing and taking over of archive materials based on the law regulations. Our special task is promotion of high standards on concern of archive materials and creating awareness on those who posses and creates the archivals and the public, of archive document importance for history of Belgrade, its neighborhood and the whole Region.
Our final aim is, Archives well arranged; sorted, processed archive materials in the Archives, well protected by microfilming, digitization and publications; library enriched with electronic information aids for researching on the Internet; well organized service for supervision of the archive materials while created and preparation for its taking over into Archives based on the law regulative, thus efficient service for work with users.