The area of 2,400 sq meters contains 13,200 shelf meters of archive fonds and collections, most of them in the Serbian language, and in German, with some documents in Turkish, French, Hungarian, Russian, Italian, Rumanian, Hebrew and other languages.
One of the oldest individual document kept in the Archives dates back to the second half of the 16th century is а Dialogue between an Ottoman Turk and a Christian, written in Turkish and concerning a military and political situation.

Тhe oldest fond is the Zemun Town Hall Fond, dating back to 1749, when Zemun was proclaimed a free royal city, having been exempted from the feudal estate of the Schoenborn family. Most of the documents are in German.

The largest fond, with hundreds of shelf meters of documents, are the Assembly of the City of Belgrade, the District Court for the City of Belgrade, the Administration of the City of Belgrade, the Zemun Magistracy, the District Court in Zemun and the Chamber of Commerce of Belgrade. Most of the fonds kept in the Archives were created after 1945, and of those which handed over recent years, the most important certainly is fond BITEF.

The structure of the fonds and collections of the Historical Archives of Belgrade:

Government and public services
Personal fonds
Socio-political organizations
Family fonds
Civil and other types of organizations
Societies and associations
Social and health services
Cultural and scientific institutions