ADS Novi Sad 2021The International Archival Conference of the Archival Society of Serbia, in cooperation with the Archives of Vojvodina, and with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Information was organized in Novi Sad in the period from October 6 to 8, 2021. The conference was opened by Branisalv Maričić, the head of the cabinet of the minister of culture and informatin and vicepresident of the Governemnt.

The conference was attended by numerous representatives of the archvies in Serbia and in the region. The topics of the conference were:

• Historical sources
• New archival reality
• Archival buildings and archival material – present and future

TheADS Novi Sad 2021 radionica conference also included a workshop, with the topic Law on Archival Material and Archival Activity - novelties, rights and obligations of subjects in the system of protection of archival material and documentary material, practical application. The workshop was designed with the aim of acquainting legal entities that create archival material and documentary material in more detail with the novelties of the current Law on Archival Material and Archival Activity. Jasmina Latinovic, archivist of the Historical Archives of Belgrade gave a lecture within the workshop Archival register – general, obligatory register for the listing the archival material.
The conference also included the reward for the Best Registry in 2021 and the promotion of all editions of Arhivski Glasnik, published so far.