Students of the Department of Oriental Studies of the Faculty of Philology, together with teaching assistant Irena Kolaj Ristanović visited the Historical Archives of Belgrade.
studenti citaonica
The students were introduced to the archival material created by the local administration of the Ottoman Empire preserved in several collections in the Archives: Dialogue of an Ottoman and a Christian from the 16th century; fermans and berats from the 17th and 18th century; collection of fetvats; 26 documents from the Family Collection Veljković from the 19th century; travel documents from the 19th century.

Archivists of the Historical Archives of Belgrade, Dragana Mitrasinovic and Tijana Kovcic talked about the activities of the Archives and about Family Fund Veljkovic and Irena Kolaj PhD gave a lecture on the Collections of Fetvats in Ottoman language and their significance in historiography.