mokra gora 01The Archival Society of Serbia organized International archival conference Mokra Gora 2022 from 5th - 7th October in Drvengrad. The first day of the conference was focused on the promotion of the conference proceedings Archival Material in the Theory and Practice (no. 5) and of the Bulletin of the Society Archival Messenger (no. 16). The Bulletin was presented by the editor Ljiljana Dožić from the Archives of Vojvodina and Mirjana Milenković from the Historical Archives of Belgrade.
The participants of the Conference from Historical Archives of Belgrade were:
Mirjana Milenković (Danica Gavrilović – the Visionary of Archival Science in Serbia)
Jasmina Latinović (Technical Protection of Archival Material – Conditions of the Storage Facilities)
Zorica Smilović (Archival Pedagogy – Analysis, Experiences, Significance)