radionica01The workshop How to Use the Digital Repository of the Historical Archives of Belgrade was held in the Belgrade Archives on the 26th October 2022. The 8th grade pupils of the Elementary School Radojka Lakić from Belgrade and their history teacher Miloš Brun participated in the workshop and without any difficulties solved all the assignments prepared for them, only by using the Digital Repository. They all received a publication Vodič za buduće istraživače (Guide for Future Researchers).
The workshop is a part of the project “Teaching the students how to use on-line available archival material of the Historical Archives of Belgrade as a primary historical source for researching the past”, which is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia. 

01 ArhivIDecaThe participants of planned workshops will be taught how to use and search: one million digitized citizens’ cards - resident certificates of Belgrade citizens form 1922-1952, 811 digitized church registers from the territory of Belgrade municipality and 52 register books of Zemun citizens.
Special segment of the workshop was the presentation of new database Jewish Digital Collection which gathered in one place all documents related to the Jewish community in Belgrade and it contains 60.000 analytically described documents and more than 100.000 scanned pages.