Arhivi Srbije plakatExhibition “The Archives of Serbia” was opened on the 22nd April 2023 in Čačak, the national capital of culture, in the premises of the Inter-municipal Historical Archives of Čačak.
The exhibition was created to mark 125 years since the first Law on the State Archives was proclaimed in 1898. In accordance with the law, the State Archives of Serbia was founded two years later.
The exhibition was made in cooperation of Inter-municipal Historical Archives of Čačak and the Archival Society of Serbia.
Thirty seven exhibition panels presented the State Archives of Serbia, the Archives of Vojvodina, the Archives of Kosovo and Metohija, 26 local archives, but also the Archives of Yugoslavia, the Military Archives, the Archives of the Serbian Academy of Science and Arts and two archival societies – of Serbia and of Vojvodina. The panels were supplemented by showcases exhibiting publications published by archives and by the short film presenting the development of archival science in the 20th century.
The exhibition was opened by the Secretary of the Ministry of Culture of Serbia Mr. Miodrag Ivanović.
Arhivi Srbije postavkaBesides the representatives of the Ministry and of the City of Čačak, the opening was attended by numerous archivists and guests from Serbia and the region.