Opening of the exhibition: 16 April 2004
In charge of the project: the Historical Archives of Belgrade and the Institute for the Protection of Monuments
Authors of the exhibition: Branka Prpa, PhD and Vera Pavlović
The exhibition was opened by: Radmila Hrustanović, the mayor of Belgrade

The exhibition was prepared on the occasion of the 600th anniversary of Belgrade as the throne city, part of the Days of Belgrade celebration, 16 to 19 April 2004.

The exhibits of the exhibition were displayed on the billboards located along the streets from the Branko bridge to the premises of the Historical Archives of Belgrade. Ten billboards were used to show important events in the history of Belgrade. For a couple of months, the citizens of Belgrade had an opportunity to pass daily by the documents which, in the most attractive manner, using modern advertising structure, marked the 600th anniversary of its history, from 1404 when Belgrade became, for the first time, the throne city of the Serbian state.

The tenth billboard was devoted to the bombing of Belgrade by NATO alliance in 1999 and it contained a photograph of the scale model of the destroyed Avala tower. The accompanying part of the exhibition was a guide/prospectus which, in addition to a short history of Belgrade, contains the plans and program of all events in the city.
The exhibition attracted considerable attention of the citizens of Belgrade.