logowwinsInternational Conference Archives, Media and Culture of memory in World War I was held in Novi Sad on October 29-30th 2014 in organization of the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Serbia and Archives of Vojvodina.

Konferencija WWI NSArchivists of the Historical Archives of Belgrade Jelena Jovanović, Tijana Kovčić, Veljo Popović and Isidora Stojanović attended the Conference and held the lecture Belgrade in World War I – Thematic guide through fonds and collections of the Historical Archives of Belgrade.

Thematic guide, as scientific and informational source, has a goal to implicate on thematic entry within fonds. It includes records on daily life, not only in occupied Belgrade, but in whole Serbia, from 1914 until 1918 in general, so information on military operations, Serbian army withdrawal and life and population in exile.