sanu2012The conference is organized by the Institute for Balkan studies in Belgrade on September 26, 2012

The workshop was opened by Nikola Tasić, academician, vice president of SASA and the Director of the Institute for Balkan studies within SASA.
At first, attendants were informed about involment of the Institute for Balkan studies of SASA in ENArC project, construction of European Union Archives Network through international and national portals, wеb portal Monasterium and experiences of the Faculty of Philosofy in Belgrade. The subject of the second session was Digitization of the records in Serbia : possibilities and perspectives, so the Department for Digitization of SASA, the National Library of Serbia, the Historical Archives of Belgrade and the Military Archives of Serbia presented its programs. The attendants met the contents of the Archives Portal Europe presented by the International Centre for Archival Research ICARUS.
The meeting covered general problems of digitization of the records in Serbia, so gave guidelines for further work. The workshop supported the Ministry of Culture and Information of Republic of Serbia with the resources of the European Commission.