01On Saturday, September 26th 2020, Historical Archives of Belgrade marks 75-years anniversary.
Historical Archives of Belgrade is one of the most modern archives in the country, having important role in the development of the archival network in Serbia. The Belgrade Archives doesn’t have jurisdiction over other archival institutions; nevertheless it has always been a role model to many archives with its organization, professional staff and implemented activities. The Archives is responsible for the archival material created on the territory of the City of Belgrade and its 17 municipalities.
The motive for foundation of Historical Archives of Belgrade was to preserve and protect extremely important archival material created in the 18th century by the Magistrate of Zemun. Upon the request of the Department for Education of the Executive People’s Committee for the City of Belgrade, it was decided on the City Committee assembly held on 26th September to establish an independent archival institution called the City Archive, with the main task to collect original documentation related to the development of Belgrade and Zemun. In the beginning, the Archive was a part of the City Library and from 1947 it became an independent institution. From 1954 it was housed in a former State Lottery building (corner of streets Vasina and Zmaj Jovina).
The Archives’ current name was determined by the Decision of the Executive Board of the City of Belgrade from 24th January 1958.