Srbija Sad plakat izlozbeVisiting exhibition USA – SERBIA, 1918–2018, diplomatic and cultural relations, was opened on 29th of June 2018 in the Gallery of the Historical Archives of Belgrade.
Authors of the exhibition are Bora Dimitrijević, former director of the National Museum of Zaječar and Miladin Milošević former director of the Archives of Yugoslavia.
Diplomatic relations between Serbia and USA were established in 1882. Since this year marks one hundred years since WWI ended, the authors prepared a review of a century long diplomatic and cultural relations between the two countries.
The exhibition strives to demonstrate the most important moments of cooperation several decades long: friendship and differences, cultural exchange and economic collaboration, as well as global American influence in the 20th century, often called century of Americanization.
The exhibition was opened by HE Kyle Scott, USA ambassador to Serbia, and also Zoran Djordjevic, minister of labor, employment, veteran and social affairs attended the ceremony.
The exhibition can be seen from 30th June until 6th July from 10AM - 5PM in the Gallery of the Historical Archives of Belgrade. Free entrance.