Author: Branka Prpa, PhD
Visualisation: Bojana Đurović
Catalogue design: Dragana Lacmanović
The exhibition opened by: Nebojša Popov, PhD

By attractive, multimedial project, documents (special edition of Student Newspaper, Vidici, Susret,declarations, pamphlets, Verdict of the District Court on destroying all editions of Student Newspaper, special edition no. 5, invitations and notes for students, lgalleryetters and telegrams of support, text and music of anthem of Miroljub Todorović and Vuk Stambolović, "Students of the World Hymn", Demicelli Marco's students, special editions of bulletin of Action Comitee of students demonstrations etc.) and film of Želimir Žilnik lasting 15 minutes, titled "Lipanjska gibanja". On six monitors is shown video material of different contents: from the protest against the war in Vietnam to resolutions, pamphlets, and other material from student protests, then Crvene novine Newspapers of the University of Law, protests at the universities, Frontisterion, material on Vlada Mijanović and group of students being judged of protesting, special meetings of University Conference of the Serbian Comunist Party etc.

Opening speech at the exhibition