Opening: December 21st 2022, Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade
Authors of the Exhibition and the Catalogue: Snežana Lazić, Jelena Mitrović Kocev
Editor-in-Chief: Slobodan Mandić
Review by: Dr Vanja Panić
Associate: Dejan Radovanović
Editing: Nataša Nikolić
Design of exhibition panels and catalogue: Zorica Smilović
Exhibition opened by: Goran Vesić, minister of construction, transport and infrastructure of the Republic of Serbia
Exhibition Architectural Culture in the Interwar Belgrade by Snežana Lazić and Jelena Mitrović Kocev was opened on the 21st December 2022 in the in the exhibition hall of the Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade.
Documentation preserved in the Technical Direction, which is a part of the collection the Municipality of the City of Belgrade is well known to the public, as it is being requested on daily basis by researchers as well by other Archives’ visitors. More than 70 000 records of technical documentation created from 1920 to 1970 are preserved in the repositories of the Historical Archives of Belgrade and more than 16 000 records were created between the two world wars. Architectural Department of the Technical Direction was the main regulatory body authorized to supervise legal aspects of construction of public and private buildings in Belgrade. Therefore preserved documentation illustrates the development of the city core, told by archival documents, projects and photographs.
After destructions of the WWI, Belgrade was being shaped into one modern European capital. In the 1930s Belgrade got new city quarters with modern palaces, exhibition complex on the left bank of the river Sava, the airport, roads connecting the city with neighboring Zemun, and finally Belgrade accepts the modern postulates of European architecture. At the same time the state was trying to define construction laws and regulations, general construction plan for the new city quarters, advancement of architectural profession – in a word, the government was trying to bring order in shaping the modern Belgrade. Thirty exhibition panels, with accompanying material in showcases, are divided in two big units – the work of municipal architects and the work of architects from private sector.
The goal of the exhibition and illustrated catalogue were to point out the importance of the collection Technical Direction of the Municipality of the City of Belgrade which provides the inexhaustible sources and research themes related to the architectural development of Belgrade.
The exhibition was available to the public in the exhibition hall of the Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade from 21st December 2022 until the end of January 2023.

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