amount: 1825 -1944, books: 1825 – 1944, 383 books, archivals: 1837 – 1944, 3.188 boxes, card – files: 848 boxes

language and letter: Serbian before and after Vuk Stefanović Karadžić's language reform. Rarely, we can meet documents in German and Ottoman Turkish.

receiving method: fond was received occasionally from Archives of Serbia, Karnedžijeva street no. 2, Belgrade: June 20, 1955; 1959; February 18, 1961 and April 23, 1973.

availability: Available in accordance with the Regulation Book on using the archive materials

finding aids: protocols, historical note; summary inventory, analytic inventory of period 1837 – 1859; classifier of important issues analytically processed 1860 – 1867; Processing subjects relating to the Special Police Department of period 1941 – 1944 is in procedure; the work includes the catalogues based on names, themas, geographic catalogue and analytic process.

description: The documents of the Administration of the City of Belgrade provide information on political, cultural and economic history of the 19th century, while a smaller part is from the first half of the 20th century. They refer to dynastic changes in Serbia, the rebellions in 1842 and 1844, to the events in 1848, to the sessions of the national assemblies, the shelling of Belgrade in 1862, the murder of prince Mihailo in 1868, the conflicts with the Turks and the Serbs, the Serbian – Turkish war. Then there are the data on communal problems, building sites grants, on the crafts, trade guilds, traders, then permits to start a workshop, data on schools, cultural events (permits for travelling theatres and musical troupes), data on the National Theatre, health care problems (the construction of a hospital, physicians, midwives, pharmacies). Very few documents of World War I have been preserved (telegrams) while, of World War II, the documents of the special police and the eight volumes with the names of about 23,577 inmates of the Banjica Concentration Camp (1941-1944) have been preserved.

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