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on fond maker:
Ivan S. Pavlović was born in the City of Užice of father Stojko Pavlović, cavalry lieutenant, and mother Lena, daughter of Nikola Lunjevica, national leader during raisins of 1804 – 1815. In 1919 he was improved in rank of general for merits achieved in Krstac offensive, 1914. Since the very end of 1915 until half of January 1916, during Serbian army withdrawal across the Albania, with his forces, he covered the pass through the strait of River Ibar and Montenegro and provided boarding of the army for San Đovani di Medua. He is the holder of many medals, wrote and published works analyzing strategy, tactic and history. During war times kept the diaries and notes.

Archival materials (lists, reports, orders, photos, maps) are rich in data of the I World War. Documentation concerning fond maker relevant are of great importance: Ivan's parents, brothers: Petar, professor and academic, founder of Museum of Natural History; Pavle and Milan; sisters: Katarina, professor, and Jelisaveta. Genealogy of the Family Obrenović by historian Panta Srećković that overwrote Mileva, wife of Ranko Alimpić, was bought together with the documentation of this fond.