on fond maker:
Ilija Milosavljević Kolarac (1800–1878), tradesman, established Fund for aiding and awarding Serbian literates in 1861. Since 1875 this fund became the Literary Fund (possessing capital of 10.000 golden coins). Left without heirs, he decided to bequeath everything he possessed " in use of its people' and founded Endowment of Ilija Milosavljević Kolarac.

Serbian, German

fond content:
Documentation includes board sessions evidence, Court verdicts on case of property of Ilija Milosavljević Kolarac which he left behind, balance of the whole movable and immovable property which Kolarac bequeathed in the name of University and Literary Fund establishment, private correspondence, photos and trade correspondence. Documents are informational on Endowment administration, operating rules, gift books given to some institutions, on constructing Endowment building and maintenance of various culture and scientific events at Kolarac University.