Opening date: December 4, 2014, Center of Russian Diaspora "Александар Солженицьıн" (Moscow)
Realization: The Archives of Yugoslavia, Historical Archives of Belgrade and Center of Russian Diaspora "Александар Солженицьıн"
Authors of the exhibition, catalogue and DVD presentation: Milan Medaković, Ranka Rađenović (Archives of Yugoslavia), Đurđija Borovnjak (Historical Archives of Belgrade)
Cooperation: Julija Gudovič, Tatjana Irinarhova (Center of Russian Diaspora "Александар Солженицьıн")
Multimedia DVD presentation: Dragana Kuprešanin
Opening ceremony: H.E. Mr Slavenko Terzić, Abassador of Republic of Serbia (Moscow)
The Archives of Yugoslavia, Historical Archives of Belgrade and Center of Russian Diaspora "Александар Солженицьıн" will ceremonally open an exhibition "Николай Краснов-Russian constructor of Serbia" in Moscow on December 4th, 2014.
The exhibition is realized on occasion of 150 years of birth of architect Николай Краснов (Russia 1864 – the Kingdom of Yugoslavia 1939), so as a result of cooperation between two institutions lasting several years. Creative architectural heritage of Николай Краснов in the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes/Yugoslavia is represented to the public through the records and original documents.

The standing includes over 250 exhibits: records-technical documentation of residential buildings and monuments, drawings and sketches, competition documentation, technical solutions, photographs, constructing diaries, so personal records of the value for cultural, educational and economic life of the Kingdom. The content of exhibited records includes his work on preservation of national heritage and fortifications, so engagement in design of interiors and exteriors. Special segment implicates his interest for heraldry and faleristic.

Collected and exhibited materials kept in fonds and collections of the Archives of Yugoslavia and Historical Archives of Belgrade is represented for the first time in the form of original document. Documents of the Archives of Serbian Academy of Science and Arts, Museum of Serbian Orhodox Church, National Library of Serbia, Museum of Science and Technique and Endowment of King Petar I, so photo documentation from private collections-family legacy of Jezdimir Denić, an architect, close associate of Николай Краснов and collection of Miloš Jurišić.
The exhibition is followed by bilingual illustrated catalogue and multimedia DVD presentation.