Opening date: Friday, March 6th, 2015
The Gallery of the Historical Archives of Belgrade
Realization: Historical Archives of Belgrade and Historical Archives of Užice
The author: Ivan R. Marković
Addition to the standing: Đurđija Borovnjak and Snežana Lazić (Historical Archives of Belgrade)
Design of pamphlets: Đurđija Borovnjak
Graphical solution: Vladimir Mijatović
Technical support: Bojan Kocev
IT support: Vuk Babić, Jelena Nikolić, Srđan Orestijević
Opening ceremony: Mr. Dragomir Acović, an architect
Guest exhibition of Historical Archives of Užice "Miladin Prljević, an architect"was posted as a result of cooperation between two institutions lasting several years. The exhibition represents review of architectural opus of the architect, one of the leaders of Serbian modern architecture in a period between two world wars, born in Užice
Ivan R. Marković, historian of art, the author of the exhibition, prepared mostly using his legacy kept in the Museum of Science and Technique represents the opus of the architect. Addition to the standing prepared in the Historical Archives of Belgrade by Đurđija Borovnjak and Snežana Lazić, archivists, conceptually corespondes with guest exhibition of the Historical Archives of Užice, so it was implemented using documentation of the Historical Archives of Belgrade and private archive documents being shown to the public for the first time. The exhibition is followed by projection of photo materials of projects, drafts of sketches and ideal solutions, so the mouvie "Fairman exercise" from 1943, kept in Yugoslav Film Archives, which represents fairman exercise performed on "Albania" Palace which represents the most significant work of his opus.
Successful architectural opus of Miladin Prljević (Užice 1899 – Belgrade 1973) is represented through the projects of public and bussines buildings, family villas, mostly multistorey, so through ideal solutions for competitions, engagement in development of building systems, use of isolation materials and energetic efficency. In only one decade, from 1930 until the start of World War II, Prljević projected more that 150 buildings, of which 68 was built, mostly in Belgrade, but also accross the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, later FNRY.
After World War II, Prljević was initiator and founder of the Institute for Architecture and Urbanism. Since 1946 until retirement he worked in Architectural Department of National Republic of Serbia.
Important buildings: "Albania" Palace, house of Siniša Zdravković, house of Mališa Stefanović and Hotel Palace in Užice.
Competitions: Consulate of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia in Ankara, Shopping center "Mitić", Railway station in Skoplje, the Institute "Nikola Tesla", building of Corpus of National Defense of Yugoslavia (Serbian KNOJ), Art Museum in Tašmajdan, Belgrade.
The exhibition is going to be open until April 2015
Opening hours of the Gallery: Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5pm
Enter is free
Opening ceremony photos
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