03Based on an open competition for position of director of the Historical Archives of Belgrade, opened on July 15th 2014 and announced in daily papers Danas, so closed on August 15th 2014, the Managing Board of the Archives implemented the procedure for recommendation of candidates.

The Board of the Archives concluded on the Session held on August 20th 2014 that two candidates applied for the position of director, Mrs Vesna Antelj, the Professor of General Literature and Literary Theory from Belgrade (no. 02-1009/4 from August 12 2014) and Mr Dragan Gačić, MA in Political Science (no. 02/1025/30 from August 14 2014).
The Board of the Archives also concluded, in accordance with required documentation that Mrs Antelj did not meet the requirements, but Mr Gačić did, so the interview with Mr Gačić was held on the Session of the Board on August 22nd 2014.
The Board unanimously decided to recommend Mr Dragan Gačić, Acting Director of the Archives to the Assembly of the City of Belgrade, as only candidate for the position of director of the Archives.