JamaA phototype edition of the poem Jama, written by Ivan Goran Kovačić was printed in Belgrade to mark 80 years since the author had been killed and 110 years since he had been born. The edition is complemented by the map of graphic drawings of Edo Murtić and Zlatko Prica.
„This edition was possilbe due to the only original copy of the graphic drawings map covered in parachute linen, which is preserved in the Historical Archvies of Belgrade within the Personal Fonds of Vicko Krstulović “, publisher Dragan Stojković told on the book launch held on November the 8th 2023.
Jama promocijaThe Personal fonds of Vicko Krstulović (1905–1988) preserves personal documents, photographs, decorations, certificates, letters and Vicko's recollections and stories from his life and political activities. The collection preserves also numerous documents from the WWII, literal reviews and newspapers.
The fonds also include a library of 1.127 books and 358 magazines. Editions of Jama written by Ivan Goran Kovačić and Stojanka majka Knežopoljka written by Skender Kulenović are especially valuable.
The documentation collected and created by Vicko Krstulović was donated to the Historical Archives of Belgrade by Vladimir Krstulović, Vicko’s son.