Vicko Krstulović (1905-1908), metalworker, participant of the pre-war Labour Movement and National Liberation War, a holder of the Order of National Hero, official of the Socialist Yugoslavia. Resident of Split, Zagreb and Belgrade.
The Legacy, except personal documents, photographs, medals, plaques, charters and extensive correspondence includes Vicko's saying and memories on life and political activities ready to be published. The Legacy includes also, numbered documents on National Liberation War, navy, critical overview on published books and press writings.
The library consists of 1.127 books and 358 magazines. Ten books stored in the library was created during the World War II. Particularly valuable volumes: The Pit of Ivan Goran Kovačić (the only copy of the war edition) and Stojanka, mother from Kneževo polje of Skender Kulenović. The Legacy submitted to the Historical Archives of Belgrade Vladimir Krstulović, after his fathers death.