Opening date: April 19th 2012
Authors: Branka Branković, Olga Kilibarda, Zoran Lj. Nikolić, Snežana Lazić;
Design: Đurđija Borovnjak
Electronic document procession: Jelena Nikolić, Vladimir Mijatović
Technical support: Miodrag Gavrilović, Isidora Stojanović, Svetlana Milić
Opening ceremony: Goran Aleksić, a member of the City Assembly Council

The idea of organizing the exhibition New Belgrade Secrets came out of the Archives cooperation with the authors of the publication New Belgrade Secrets, Zoran Lj. Nikolić and Mirko Radonjić. A rich collection of various photo materials provided this innovative idea implementation clarifying the formation and development of one urban unit such New Belgrade is.
Over 200 photographs and archivals represents the history of New Belgrade-since the period between two World wars up to the present.
The exhibition includes video material of Sajmište from 1937 and 1938 (exhibited material of the Yugoslav Film Archive).

Expansion of the City on the left shore of the River Sava which started in the third decade of the XIX century – representative constructions as Belgrade Fair and the City Airport were built. But, during the World War II, Belgrade Fair became a concentration camp, so modern urban complex of New Belgrade almost a ruin.
Re-urbanization started during the 50's and stopped again in the 60's, so the development continued in the 80's. New Belgrade, known as The Dorm became modern-day, urban municipality with administrative, economy and cultural areas adorning the landscape.

The exhibition New Belgrade Secrets reveals the old and makes new performance of the City making the history of New Belgrade to be understood better for the public.