Ivica Mlađenović (1937- 2020), an architect and architecture theoretician, publicist, the greatest public promoter of architecture in Serbia, the idea man, the eco-cityauthor of the concept, the selector and designer of ten Belgrade Triennials of world architecture.
The Belgrade Triennial of world architecture has been held continuously since 1985. As a promoter of the current trends in world architecture, in addition to Belgrade, Triennial exhibitions have toured the world. The reputation of the Triennial was confirmed by the Assembly of the City of Belgrade in 2003 when the decision was passed to internationalize the exhibition and give it the status enjoyed by BITEF, BEMUS and FEST.
The legacy was acquired in 2005. It consists of some 1 500 posters from the Triennial showing the best known national and international architects, architectural work and the printed works of the legator.

exhibition Ivica Mlađenović – 50 Years