Among numbered legators who recently enriched fonds of the Historical Archives of Belgrade handing over theirs endowment international ballet star Milorad Mišković (1928 – 2013) is asserted. His artistic career is very rich. As a young dancer he had engagements at Champs Elysee Ballet, International Ballet in London, Russian Ballet of Colonel de Basil, Marquis de Cueva's ballet troop, Paris Ballet of Roland Petit and French Ballet of Janine Shara. During 1956 he founded his own troop Ballet Misković de Paris. Several years spent in United States of America as director of ballet and choreographer. He was known as Prince of Dance. He cooperated with the biggest artists of his time: Serge Lifar, Anton Dolin, Maurice Bejart, Jean Cocteau.. and he danced with ballerinas known that time: Alisia Markova, Ivett Shovire, Janine Shara, Collete Marshan, Ludmila Cherina, Carla Fraci...
As a dancer, he is a laureate of many international awards. Awarded for the best interpretation in Prometej Ballet in 1956, which is announced as the most successful ballet of the season; laureate of the Award for the best dancer in Japan in 1954, so in New York in 1950. Recently he got an award for life work A life for dance of the International Ballet Festival in Miami. In 1992 he won an 7th July Award of the City of Belgrade for his life achievement. Many years spent as advisor and art director in charge of cultural programmes for countries with UNESCO membership, and after that, as director of International Council for Dance within UNESCO in 1979.
He became an honoured president of CID-UNESCO in 1989. As a dancer, he is a laureate of many international awards. In 1992 he won an October award of the City of Belgrade for his life achievement.
He is a laureate of the highest medal of France the Legion of Honour.
The Historical Archives of Belgrade keep the records on life and work of the artist since 2005. The records includes 54 boxes of personal documents, press clipping records, programmes of ballet shows, commercial pamphlets, photographs, original theatre drawings and solutions, artefacts, letters etc.. The recors include documents from 1925 until 2010.
Books are inventoried within the Library of the Archives.

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