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Mr Dragan Gačić, the Director of the Historical Archives of Belgrade, on the occasion of his visit to the National Theatre of Belgrade on October 26, 2010, donated some of digitized archival documents to the Manager Božidar Đurović in purpose of, the future Museum of the National Theatre, requisites. The original documents, related to foundation, development and ideas of the Theatre reconstruction, are kept in the Archives. 


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Conference Archives on the Web (experiences, challenges, visions) was held in Vienna 2010.



The exhibition realized 26 national institutions of science, culture and art, so among them Historical Archives of Belgrade, too. The authors tried, considering time distance, to perceive objectively three days of the March 1941, which entirely changed the course of Serbian national history. Up to nowadays non exhibited documents and numbered audio records were shown. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia, Mr Vuk Jeremić opened the exhibition.

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ORA plakatThe exhibition was opened in the SerbiaPalace on April 11th 2011.

Historical Archives of Belgrade and Historical Museum of Serbia realized the exhibition. Consisting of two segments, the exhibition considers work actions on the state level organized across the Former Yugoslavia, of the great importance for the whole country and, as a second segment, work actions which took place mostly at New Belgrade in Belgrade.

Exhibition Youth Work Actions 1941–1981