The team of experts from the Preservation Services Department of the Historical Archives of Belgrade visited institutions in a possess of records of great importance for the City of Obrenovac affected by floods on invitation of the Municipality of the City of Obrenovac.

A goal of the visit was establishment of extent of devastation of documentation and records, so giving further instruction for treatment.
Writing detailed report is in progress.

modrena arh plakatOn Wednesday, May 28th 2014 in the Gallery of the Historical Archives of Belgrade within Belgrade International Week of Architecture (BINA) Manifestation was opened the exhibition Modernist Architecture in Belgrade, period 1918-1941 of the architect Vanja Panić. The opening ceremony attended, so opened the exhibition, Mr Spasoje Krunić, an architect.
The standing includes plans of 47 public buildings constructed and erected in Belgrade in the period of two world wars in accordance of modern architecture streamline. Among buildings constructed for various purposes the exhibition shows plans of hotels, medical institutions and schools, monuments of banks of the interwar period and insurance companies, different associations, so bridges, Astronomical Observatory in Belgrade, the building of the old power plant, airport hangars (constructed in accordance with the plan of Milutin Milanković) etc.

The standing walkthrough is open for the visitors since Tuesday until Saturday from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. in the Gallery of the Historical Archives of Belgrade until Jun 28th 2014.
Group visits should be apponted previously by the phone. Feel free to contact us on the following phone number: 011/2606-336. The entry is free.

The standing is exhibited on March 28th 2014 in the Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade on the occasion of celebrating 150 years since Czech architects left a trail in up building and development of the City of Belgrade in realization of the Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade and Association of Historiographers and Historians of Art-DISTRIKT 6.

The exhibition presented the work of 13 Czech creators (engineers and architects) who lived and created in Belgrade, so 6 Serbian architects who attended the Academy of Prague before 1918. The exhibits and the records presented on the exhibition include those one from private archive collections, domestic and foreign institutions, so abundance of technical and architectural documentation from the Historical Archives of Belgrade.

The authors-members of DISTRKT 6: Đurđija Borovnjak and Ivan R. Marković, historians of art.

The exhibition “Czech-Serbian relations in architecture (1863-1941)” have a goal to affirm present architectural fond of Belgrade, its historical development and potential influence of the architecture of Czech creators in Belgrade through presented chronological frame.

Poplava Despotovica, Mlakovac, Gornji Milanovac
Historical Archives of Belgrade contributed 200.000 RSD as help for threatened areas in flooding.
The contribution is paid from the Archives incomes to the account of the Secretariat for Finance of the Assembly of the City of Belgrade.



Exhibition is opened in Kalemegdan fortress walking area, on Thursday 20th March at noon

The exhibition is dedicated to architectural development of sacral Belgrade. Technical and photo documentation regarding sacral monuments in Belgrade and kept in the Historical Archives of Belgrade but includes the records from second half of the XVI century until the start of World War II is shown on 24 panels.